Chocolate Happy – Does Eating Chocolate Really Make You Happy?

Are you chocolate happy? You know, the type of person who eats chocolate, and instantly feels happy inside.

No Worries being Chocolate Happy

It’s okay, you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Chocolate makes you happy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Actually, eating some of the best tasting chocolate in the world can have health benefits, and not only mental health ones.

Health professionals all over the world have advised people to eat dark chocolate. It’s just not for chocolate happy people anymore. It can actually lower your blood pressure, and it’s good for heart health. I know, it’s too good to be true.

chocolate happy
But wait, when you are eating the best tasting chocolate in the world, it’s always important to ensure you are eating the right chocolate, so you can be chocolate happy.

You shouldn’t eat just any best tasting chocolate to be one of the chocolate happy set. You need to eat dark chocolate if you want to continue to believe chocolate makes you happy. If you start to eat the bad chocolate, you’ll start to gain weight. That weight is fat that’s clogging your arteries, which can lead to a heart attack, instead of prevent one from happening.

So, instead of believing chocolate makes you happy, chocolate will make you unhappy.

Chocolate happy people can continue to be happy by indulging in cocoa-based dark chocolate. The more cocoa the better health professionals recommend if chocolate makes you happy.

You still need to take in account the amount you eat though. While it’s the best tasting chocolate, too much of it can still be bad for chocolate happy people. It still has fat in in, and loads of sugar, which can lead to medical problems.

If chocolate happy people can just eat a little bit from time to time, they reap the most benefits from it. It’s all about control chocolate happy ones…it’s all about control.

The Mental Health Benefits to Chocolate Happy People

You know about the health benefits of chocolate, but do you know the mental health benefits? Well, you know chocolate makes you happy. But, it’s more than just the taste of it that’s making you happy. There are chemicals in the chocolate that signal your brain to produce more of the neurochemicals that make you feel happy.

Don’t forget that chocolate has caffeine in it too. Caffeine makes you feel more awake, and productive in your day. That will make you happy in itself.

So now you know, it’s not only just the taste, it’s what the chocolate contains. You are improving your health, mind and body with chocolate. There’s no denying it, chocolate happy people have known something for a while, and now others can reap its benefits.

What to Do with This Chocolate Information

So, now that you know chocolate makes you happy, which best tasting chocolate to eat, and how to continue to be a chocolate happy person, you can go on with life with the freedom to enjoy it. When people question why you are eating chocolate – you tell them that you are chocolate happy and that chocolate can actually be good for you. You can also go on to tell them that chocolate makes you happy, and that you are actually doing something that makes you healthy.

Your friends may think you are just justifying your chocolate happy obsession, but if you look at the research, and present it to them – they will be convinced, just like you are. You never know, they might become chocolate happy too.