Veganism is Bullshit


Bullshit, cowshit…however you want to word it. Not to say that Vegans don’t have a point and all…but this just proves that it is nearly impossible to be a true, 100% Vegan.

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221 thoughts on “Veganism is Bullshit

  1. You idiot. Vegans intentionally avoid products made from animals and substitute special vegan versions of everything made from some plant product or synthetic. They are completely aware that most products come from animals and *that’s what they’re always protesting against.*

  2. You’re right. Because vegans can’t immediately be completely successful, they should never even bother trying to change anything.

  3. It is indeed really hard to be a vegan. I’m not one myself but I don’t eat animals (including chewing gum, gelatin and all that stuff) or wear fur, skin etc. Don’t buy furniture made of animals… well, the list of what I refuse to consume is long; I don’t eat dairy products as it directly supports the meat industry. I’m replacing eggs more and more, so soon I won’t eat them either. I guess that soon I’ll be a vegan in the eyes of most people, but I won’t call myself that. For how do I know if the candles I buy are made of a cow or not? And can I really be sure that The Body Shop’s products are animal free? I mean, they’re not tested on animals but that doesn’t exclude them from containing bits of animals.

    I wouldn’t want to call myself a vegan until I was really sure that NOTHING I consume is made out of animals. And I don’t know at the moment. So until then I gather all the information I can get upon various products and try find replacing stuff that’s not made out of animals. I think it’s really sad that we use so many dead and/or mistreated animals to create things that society needs or demands, there should be other alternatives quite as good. I even heard that The Coca Cola Company uses gelatin in their soda. I don’t know if that’s true but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Oh, and something many vegetarians and vegans don’t seem to know is that french fries often are fried in animal fat.

    I wouldn’t say veganism is bullshit at all because there are a lot of good points in it and it’s better to do some things than nothing at all, but it’s very hard to be a 100% vegan and wouldn’t all vegans wanna strive for that, talking about animals rights and stuff?

  4. wow i did not know that. if this is true, its messed up.

  5. There are a lot of good reasons to be vegetarian. Self-righteousness is not one of them.

  6. Well done sir, excellent points.
    The only thing is I think some vegans – more environmentalists though – are concerned about the manner in which livestock are being handled these days. They are housed inadequately, produce a lot of harmful methane waste, and are chalk full of growth hormone as more than not they are fed corn which they cannot digest properly and therefore easily succumb to infection and other harmful ailments.
    Having said that, I love steak and use a large percentage of the products made on this list.
    Once again, my hat to you sir.

  7. this is amazing, i knew a lot of it, but now i have further proof

  8. You’d be surprised how many alternatives there are for all of the above!

  9. i’m sorry but this is so ignorant. i’m vegetarian, not vegan and i don’t have a reason for it i just don’t like meat. but i do know a lot of vegans and they know what is made out of animal by products and purposely avoid those items. that’s the point of being vegan. they look for things that are either completely synthetic or at least things that aren’t made out of animal by products. so saying there is not such thing as a vegan is completely wrong, sorry to burst your bubble.

  10. not to be a party pooper, but most of the products mentioned above are usually synthetic and dont use animal products. actually, pretty much anything you actually need on that list can be made without animal products.

    btw im not vegan im just pointing this out

  11. this is so lame..
    it’s not funny, it’s just narrow minded and retrograde.

    by the way I eat meat.

  12. It is a freakin cow, not your Aunt Irma. If we are going to use animals, it is good to see they don’t waste any of it. I like vegetarians, it means more steak for me.

  13. This satanic culture makes it impossible not to be a hypocrite

  14. RE: Dan, Alexis, and Candy

    Get a clue.

    Sure, yes, there’s great reasons to be a vegan… But, as per the content of this post, it’s almost impossible to completely avoid animal products these days. And no, despite all the research you’ve done, you probably don’t know what’s in the glass that makes the windows of your new house.

    Hell, most downstream manufacturers don’t even know what’s in that glass. They place an order for some sheet glass from some distributor… They place the order to some glass factory… And that factory turns out a pile of glass using whatever is cheapest at the moment.

    And nobody really asks if it’s animal-free because nobody is planning on eating the glass.

    That’s the whole freaking point of this post and graphic. Animal products are absolutely everywhere these days.

  15. Okay People- stop believing everything you see on the internet. I know beef (and cattle), there are a lot of incorrect facts in this diagram. Bottom line is- you can get your favorite products organic (cow) or artificial (Big Pharma and the Chemical Industry). You can make a lot of the these products from cattle or with a long list of man made chemicals and compounds (many of them will kill you or affect your health in unknown ways). Like glue. Organic from animal byproducts, made from petroleum product, or from recycled plastics. (Also originally made from petroleum products). And eating Vegan? You’re fooling yourselves. Meat has hormones and chemicals in it because of the desperation of the cattle ranchers and the greed of the feedlot companies. Milk is full of hormones because dairy farmers have to use it to produce lots and lots of product to make less profit. And your delicious veggies? Often grown in foreign countries where fertilizers and pesticides banned in our country have to be used because- just like the ranchers and dairy farmers who have to produce insane amounts of product with artificial stimulants, foreign farmers have to export a lot of product to make a little profit. So grow your own food at home. Don’t use bagged potted soil (chemical pesticides and fertilizer), shield it from rain (mercury and industrial chemicals) and use only distilled water (from glass containers, not plastic). Always remember this: there are no fat or old Vegans, only skinny Vegans that look older than they really are.

  16. would everyone get over IT if cows started eating people?

  17. if more people payed more attention to what they do in their lives and less to what other people do, i’d be surrounded by less idiots.

  18. of course, why wouldn’t i believe this image with no proof as to where it came from or where they gathered information?

    and who cares about every little thing?
    people are so stupid and annoying. all of them.

  19. There is no such thing as a vegan. Hey, nutty vegans! Ever wonder what’s used to fertilize your carrots? That’s right! Waste from factory-farmed animals. What’s the alternative? Petroleum-based fertilizers. You may not be eating the cow outright, but you’re sure as fuck dependent on the factory-farming industry as a whole… and if you’re somehow able to buy only veggies that are grown with fossil fuels, you’re culpable the death and destruction (human, animal, and environmental) that goes along with the harvesting of petroleum, not to mention direct support of terrorism, the Saudis (etc). In fact, your vegan diet is far more responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill than I as a locavore am. Even the soy you nutcakes all eat is tied up in the factory farming industry–factory farmed animals are fed “defatted soy”, a byproduct left after the oil is extracted for use in a wide range of processed foods and products. Industrial soy production is horrific for the Earth.

    Without animals, plant agriculture would not exist. Even if you look toward “green crop” fertilization, something has to feed the waste crops. You can’t just endlessly take and take and take from the earth without giving something back.

    Ever wonder how many animals are wastefully murdered, their corpses left to rot in the fields in the production and harvesting of your “cruelty-free” food? How many baby bunnies, snakes, ground-nesting birds, rats and mice get plowed under during every single step of the process? How many animals, from deer and wild pigs to rabbits and birds get murdered for the protection of your “cruelty-free” food? Wild and feral hogs cause $800m in damages to US agriculture in a year. You can sure bet every farmer in the South kills every single one of them that he sees. Do you know how many animals a combine kills in a pass across a single field? How many bunnies have you murdered today?

    Every single nutcase vegan will spew out the answer “it doesn’t matter how many animals I wastefully and mindlessly murder, as long as I don’t eat them. After all, I didn’t intend to kill them, I just intended to steal their home and eat their food.” This is an attitude I find disgustingly narcissistic and appallingly disrespectful. The ground-up rabbits don’t give a shit about your “intentions”, or your bizarre ability to rationalize, ignore, and dismiss as “meaningless” all the wasteful killing done on your behalf. And aside from all that, what about the cost in human lives of supporting industrial farming? Do you have even a single clue how many human beings are exploited, tortured, and killed for the sake of your cheap tomatoes and industrial corn? The agriculture industry relies on undocumented workers; conditions are absolutely appalling. That doesn’t matter to vegans though, because vegans don’t love animals so much as they hate people.

    I have no ounce of respect for the factory-farming industry. I buy locally-farmed, 100% pasture raised meat animals, eggs, and pastured raw milk. I support farmers who don’t use petroleum-based fertilizers, whose crops are grown in symbiosis with happy animals who live as biology intended, in the air and green grass and sunshine, and which are harvested by US citizens under fair-wage conditions. One beef cow, one dairy cow, a couple of chickens, and a few other critters here and there provide for the nutritional needs (plant and animal) of my whole family throughout the year, and my grocery money goes to support local farming families and equitably-paid farmhands, not agribusiness corporations and enslaved Mexicans. I guarantee any nutcase vegan in the room that I murder fewer animals in the course of my week than you do… and those I do kill (or “exploit”, in the case of the pastured chickens, dairy cow, and farmworkers) are treated with kindness and respect, living comfortable lives as nature intended. They aren’t thoughtlessly and wastefully mowed to bits by heavy equipment, murdered and left to rot without an single second of afterthought, their deaths dismissed as “incidental” and “meaningless”… or expected to work for slave wages under conditions no US citizen would ever tolerate for ten minutes.

    Vegans don’t really give a shit about animals. That’s just a warm-and-fuzzy cover for what we in the real world call a “personality disorder”. They’re self-obsessed narcissists with very little real insight into their choices. There is no consequence-free life at the top of the food chain. Take some fucking responsibility for yourself, and the lives you’ll inevitably impact in your time on this Earth. You could kill and “exploit” far fewer animals by making conscious choices for pastured animal foods and ethically raised and harvested veggies… but you won’t. You’ll all just keep wastefully slaughtering innocent wild animals and exploiting brown-skinned humans because that allows you to walk around in a cloud of self-righteous smug. What a bunch of narcissistic assholes.

  20. Oh… and all those “alternative” products you mention, synthetic materials like polyester, and plastic shoes and shit? Guess what, vegans: plastic is not environmentally friendly, nor is it sustainable. Happy cows are, you assholes. And all those “plant-based” substitutes? Grown on the waste of tortured factory-farmed animals and at the cost of millions of wasted wild animal lives.

    Here’s a hint: use less shit that’s made in a factory. Buy local and only what you really need. Sure you can never totally get away from industrial products, but you sure can reduce your impact. You won’t though–you’ll never choose a simple and low-impact life that truly does respect animal life when you can keep patting yourself on the back for your ostentatious display of smuggery instead.

  21. Yes, veganism isn’t righteous and sensible, but that pic isn’t the reason. The reason lies not in technology or industry, but in biology, in the nature, itself. Vegetarians and vegans state we shouldn’t eat animals, because that is cruelty–wrong. It’s no cruelty to eat an animal as it’s our natural craving for meat. Humans are omnivorous–that mean we are born to eat both meat and plants, just like pigs. But, we can live neither only on meat nor on plants. We need fiber from plants to digest meat and we need majority of nutritients that are in meat, but not in plants. It’s our natural need and our choice has nothing to do with it. Proofs?
    1. We have fangs. Fangs, which have been used to tear meat apart for thousands of years.
    2. Majority of herbivores have divided stomachs. Different bacteria live in different parts of their stomachs, allowing them to digest plants almost wholly. Thanks to that they are able to get from plants those nutritients we can digest only from meat.
    3. Herbivores have shorter esophagus and much longer intestines than carnivores. Omnivores are somewhere in between, but still, their intestines are too short to digest plants effectively (the best example–we don’t digest fiber, it only stimulates intestines to digest meat better).

    Conclusion: we are not biologically meant to eat only plants. Our anatomy and our anthropological history states otherwise. If you’re a vegan, you’ll feel better because there is quarter of cow you saved, but you’ll have to eat pills and synthetic substitutes because of that.
    And tofu is NOT so tasty.

    Demention: please don’t try to convince me I’m bad, evil and awful because I eat animals and I’m animal abuser, I’m cruel and so on, as that’s not true. I’m all for animal rights and all against animal cruelty. But I think I’m more for nature’s rights in general, and more against humans breaking them at every step. Generally, I eat meat because I like it and I don’t feel bad because I know it’s okay with nature. I’m protecting animal rights by protesting against farms that treat their animals disrespectfully and against slaughterhouses that use inhumane methods of killing.
    Thankfully, I live in European Union and it’s probably a law now that animal has to be knocked out before being killed, so that it doesn’t feel pain. I agree with that–I myself would rather get hit in the head and then killed than be hanged by lower limbs and have my throat cut to bleed out for next fifteen minutes.
    On the other hand, if eating meat itself was cruelty, then damn, all carnivores of the world would go to hell.

  22. this is bullshit. dan is 100% right and im a vegan so are many people in my family

  23. For you folks up there talking about how vegans avoid all animal products and substitute synthetic things, etc., you are missing the point of this graphic.

    The author says in the caption at the top that he is not saying vegans don’t make some valid points. The point of this is to show that most people who call themselves vegans aren’t true, 100% vegans.

    Besides, with the state of the economy and environment, it seems wasteful to be vegan. If you use synthetic products to avoid animal byproducts, you are probably doing more harm than good. When synthetic materials are manufactured they release a host of chemicals into the atmosphere. It seems to me that using animal products is the lesser of two evils here.

  24. To add to Ephemeriis’ post, I feel it is also true that it would be quite difficult for everyone on Earth to be true vegans and maintain equal living conditions and populations. Diet, population, and way of life are in a delicate balance. If one is affected, especially across the entire population, everything would drastically change, likely for the worse.

  25. ..for at least some products there are good, certified, animal-free options (u get unrefined confectioner’s sugar made from brown fairtrade sugar and u get fairtrade clothes made from 100% organic cotton..). in organic shops or via online traders u’ll definately find that stuff (in germany we got for instance or with fantastic all-vegan recipes) well the chewing gum and the glass is quite a problem here.. u can refuse to consume it and/or protest against the use of animal testines in energy drinks. jst as simple as that. i think being a vegan is more a point of view, a message to the world: “stop harming animals! stop mass/ factory farming!!”

  26. I think we should save cows and eat vegans instead. Not that there’s much meat on the average vegan.

  27. You Americans are morons. You have never lived in the scarcity and so you are so naive that you think animals can be treated like humans. Thats very very naive. Animals should be treated with respect, but that doesnt mean they are the same as people. They do have rights, yeah, like being treated with respect and processed in the proper ways, with no cruelty or in a mean way, but not with that idiotic idea that animals have feelings like human beings. They come to this world with a purpose. If you dont want animals to suffer, then you should also find a way so that other animals dont eat other animals either. How stupid would be that? It’s just nature, open your eyes and dont be naive.

  28. Fuck all vegetarians and vegans. You are all dumb ass pieces of shit. And fuck PITA too.

  29. Veggan is for intention people, at least trying to avoid eating any kind of meat just for pleasure… and the best of all, being aware of this things makes you try, in your possibilities, to help keeping animals alive and respect them… after all life has no shape neither size… you´ll understand and probably you are trying to too, but thanks for the info… it will be usefull, intention brother from within with love jiji i bet you know this… take care, be safe and help us do good… hope this info wasn´t made with an obscure deed… see yaa…

  30. Shouldn’t you people be happy that every single bit of the cow is put to use? Native Americans gave way more of a shit about the environment than you vegans and so I guess you’re saying they were wrong to hunt and use everything from an animal to honor its sacrifice?

    Also, Not a vegan has a really good point. I’ve never actually realized that myself, where this vegan movement comes from. Well, aside from the ‘no feelings’ part, animals do have emotions, but I still agree about everything else.

  31. Never one to ignore an opportunity to analyze or deconstruct a particular point of view, let me see if I can offer an interesting critique of this picture.

    The only point this comic makes which can reasonably be defended is all vegans are inconsistent. To use it as a defense of the exploitation of animals, which I believe is the broader point or could be used by some to argue such a position, is on much less defensible ground. Deeply flawed assumptions underlie the use of this illustration as an argument against veganism in principle.

    Assumption 1: Because the current situation is a specific way, that is the way the current situation ought to be. Just because we have a long list of current uses for animal products says nothing against the more fundamental philosophical position of vegetarians and vegans which states the exploitation of animals is wrong.

    Assumption 2: Because a philosophical point of view is difficult to implement in practice, this makes it impossible in principle and therefore nonexistent. It’s like listing all the direct and indirect benefits of slavery around the time of abolition and then saying, “Conclusion: There is no such thing as an Abolitionist.” * Thomas Jefferson owned slaves but was philosophically opposed to such ownership in principle. Contradiction and inconstancy in practical human behavior should not be used to refute sound and valid philosophical argumentation concerning principle.

    Assumption 3 (A slight modification of assumption 2): Because a philosophical point of view is difficult to implement in practice, we can indiscriminately disregard that point of view in principle. It may be the case that it is impossible to totally do away with all animal products. Does this therefore suggest that we should totally disregard animal welfare completely? Does the simple existence of such a list negate the vegetarian and vegan efforts to at least minimize the needless suffering of animals? This cartoon seems to answer both questions with yes.

    I might be arguing again a straw man and the point of this comic is simply to point out the hypocrisy of vegans and call for a more reasonable dialogue concerning animal suffering. A title like “Veganism is Bullshit”, however, suggest a reactionary and dismissive view of the concern for animal suffering and well-being and is itself hyperbolic and unreasonable. So It even fails on the only point it explicitly states and can reasonably defend. Again, even if I’m mistaken about the broader implied point of the picture, I can easily imagine a situation where it us used to defend such a point by less well thought out individuals.

    Moral questions are answered using beliefs concerning values (or principles), which sometimes compete, applied to and weighed against the practicality of acting in accordance with those beliefs. Absolutes are impossible because it’s a cost-benefit analysis. The moral question here concerns the distinction between justified and needless animal suffering. I don’t think animals should be exploited simply so I can eat meat because that cost of their suffering greatly outweighs any benefit I get from eating that meat. I do think animals should be exploited for medical research, however, because the benefits gained from that suffering greatly outweigh the costs. But if that same medical research can later be done with no animal suffering, such animal suffering becomes needless and I would then be ethically opposed to it. This is precisely what it means to reason morally and I don’t think this picture facilitates such subtle reasoning.

    Just some thoughts. It did make me laugh and think a little so I’m glad you posted it!

    *Yes, I recognize how one could be offended by my seemingly racist comparison between African American slaves and factory farmed cattle, as if they were somehow equivalent. That’s not the point of that comparison. For those who might be offended, think a little harder.

  32. I eat anything that can smile. MMMM. Red and dead.
    All my furniture is leather. Same with my shoes. If I like it, and it causes somethign to die, so be it. Thats what the animals get for being lower on the food chain.

  33. haha screw the people commenting. it is funny. i eat meat. there’s plenty of it out there. that’s how it’s supposed to go.


  35. What I don’t get is that people usually consider humans to be animals. Animals eat each other. We’re just the least wasteful, really. (Note: I don’t think humans are animals.) I dunno, just as there’s lots of big business wanting us to eat meat, there’s just as much business wanting people to go vegan. “Buy our stuff, not theirs!” works both ways- only the latter likes to guilt trip people.

  36. I want to leave a comment that no one will read too!

  37. IM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I just ate a burger, and I am wearing a leather coat. I just thought you guys might want to know that.

  39. Interesting … the only problem I see with vegan is that you are not getting the essential medium and low chain fatty acids …. which equals unhealthy.

    I personally go on the old world way of eating … if the world provides it that way, eat it … free range and yummy in the tummy.

    Veggie eaters create the largest carbon footprint of any way of eating. Go figure. The natural order produces meat year round but does not produce local veggies and fruits year round …. think of alllll the petroleum and crap you are infesting this beautiful planet with by eating those veggies … trucks, ships, trains and planes …. geee eat veggies and save … what???! oops I mean, eat veggies and destroy the world. yay! Go Vegan!

    sheesh .. get a clue what is real health … not vegans with out supplementing with real nutrition. oh ya .. from animals … doh!

  40. I think this just proves that cows are a really good resource to human existance. More reason to utilize them.

  41. I am no vegan or vegetarian, there’s just too much meat and it tastes only too good.
    But I do reckon that we are all wasteful, regardless of how we are trying to include some eco-green swot bullshit into our lives. Facts are out there, and are pointing out the many disasters that we cause and should claim, but we don’t.

    Check out link here:

    Harsh facts have to be faced, and the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to give up pleasures and fine goods. But if every one implements a collective effort, it will make a significant difference and it is in every single persons capability to do so: whether you religiously recycle, apply the Meatless Monday rule, support car free days or whatever.
    Pick one or more and just start doing your bit.

  42. BACON = LIFE.

  43. There’s a reason there’s such a thing as the food chain. Veganism, vegetarianism, it’s all a bunch of bullshit. Carnivores eat meat, herbivores eat the other shit, and bacteria finish us all off. That’s the way nature intended, and I can guarantee you whiny little vegetarians don’t know more about what’s wrong and what’s right than millions of years of evolutionary biology.

  44. I like Vegans, they taste like chicken.

  45. Really people? Someone posts a picture that could have easily been made in less than 20 min and does not require knowledge of the subject, WITHOUT citing a credible source, and you all break out like you’ve suddenly got a case of rabies!?

    I’m not going to post a novel of a response because I think that is RIDICULOUS for a COMMENT BOARD.

    What I WILL SAY is that I see a lot of people on this board making the assumption that all vegans / vegetarians are simply against the idea of consuming another creature. Did you ever stop to think that it might not simply be the idea of eating meat, but a reaction to knowing the horrific ways we treat animals made for food? Look up some videos of those like the KFC factory farm, etc. Any person with an ounce of compassion for other living creatures could honestly say that if we are going to eat animals we need to treat them in a much more humane way than we are now. THAT is my issue.

    And no, Im not vegan, as though that would change the credibility of my response. -_-

  46. If we weren’t supposed to eat animals then God wouldn’t have made them so damn tasty!

  47. Dude chill.
    As a vegan I am not bothered in the slightest by this.
    I do it not out of protest and some people just don’t give a crap about animals.

  48. personally.. i think its smarter to use the animals for everything and anything. They were put here for a reason and the cow especially use to be really important to native americans and so forth. So why want to avoid using animals?

  49. Veganism is when you do not EAT anything made from animals -_- look it up?

  50. I don’t care how they treat the animals. As long as they taste good.

  51. Apparently not many of you know what the actual crux of being vegan is, it is simply doing what you can to limit the suffering of animals on this planet, that includes not eating animal products. I find it uproarious that all you omnivores get so offended and irked by somebody’s chosen diet.

    You’re all right, a vegan, no matter how hard they try, can’t completely avoid non-human animal products. You also all make sweeping assumptions about vegans based on PETA, which most animal-rights people despise PETA (oh and Adam, it’s not PITA that’s a food), at least this animal-rights vegan does. As I said, vegans do their best to limit harm and suffering, only a fool would think that they can avoid something that is a societal norm.

    For those of you that don’t understand it, being vegan is neither unhealthy or unsafe. With all diets, like an omnivore one, there is a required balance of foods that a person needs to eat. Look at the obesity epidemic in the United States, most of these people eat unhealthy foods and they are omnivores. In fact heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, and saturated fats and cholesterol compound those issues (of which those are primarily found in animals).

    You are all making assumptions based upon the stereotypical “fundamentalist vegan”, which is no different than a person comparing all Christians to Rev. Jim Phelps or all conservatives to Glenn Beck. It’s is dishonest and a disservice to the vegans that aren’t pretentious, and to the ones that are.

    The reality is that people, whether omnivore or herbivore, eat too much of the wrong foods. People eat way too much meat, which goes against our physiology. Many will mention “canines” to which I retort: look in a dog’s mouth and then in a horse’s, and tell me whose teeth do we have more in common with? Dogs fangs are conical and serrated, our “fangs” are splayed and smooth, they are different in kind to that of the standard carnivore/omnivore. We don’t have claws and our internal organs (mostly the intestines) are arranged like a herbivore, not like an omnivore. They are long and meant to slowly process food, which is vital to breaking down dense vegetable matter; dogs and cats however have shorter intestines that are meant to push the meat out quicker, because meat can and will rot in your intestine (dogs are omnivores and cats are obligate carnivores).

    That said it is true however that meat played a pivotal role in our survivability, sustainability, and our evolution. Without meat (mostly aquatic animals) we would either have gone extinct 100,000, or so, years ago. We wouldn’t have evolved to be the “clever” animals we are, with the caloric boon from meats our brains wouldn’t have had the energy to become as large and complex as it is. Without meat our agriculture based society that started 10,000 years ago wouldn’t have been as successful, considering that meat was used to supplement the harvests, and they were domesticated to do work that the human body isn’t as good at (like mass-tilling of soil).

    While people will never stop eating meat, and there is nothing innately wrong in that, we do however need to eat less of it. Our bodies cannot sustain the amount of fats and cholesterol we get when we eat meat everyday, let alone the quantities of dairy that people eat. Whether you are a herbivore or omnivore you should care about your food. Our (United States) farming system is awful, not just for the livestock, but for the consumers as well. Cows are not fed a evolutionarily-sound diet, pumped with hormones and antibiotics, and forced to live in unsanitary conditions. Wouldn’t you rather eat meat that was from a grass-fed cow, that was housed in appropriate conditions to prevent sickness, and kept hormone free?

    There is a lot that needs to be fixed in this world and needlessly bickering over diets does nothing. A consensus can easily be made between herbivores and omnivores and it requires all parties to maintain a level, logical, head. We should all care about our health, and for those that eat animals, you should care about their (the animals) health as well. It’s about what is right for all parties involved, for vegans, omnivores, and the animals that get eaten. While the natural world isn’t fair, we have the distinct ability to manipulate and control nature in some regards, with that comes a responsibility to treat the denizens of this planet, non-human and human, with respect and fairness.

  52. Y’all, seriously? Calm down. Take a deep breath… now doesn’t that feel better? Now, to address the deep, philisophical discussion, I want you to take a second look, not as a vegan, or a tree-hugger, or a locovore, etc. STOP TAKING IT LIKE WE JUST INSULTED YOUR GRANDMOTHER. The point of this crude, blunt drawing is to point out how hard it is to be 100% vegan. It even says that, right above the caption! There’s no need to be upset! And if you still are, take the argument to someplace proper, like a humane website or your own blog! Also, to those who said idiotic things like that Americans are idiots, or saying Southerners are cruel, twisted, slaughterers, all the while saying that people were being racist against vegans, shut up. It’s stupid, it’s biased, and it has absolutely no point. The only people who can joke about the South, or the U.S., are from the South/U.S.

  53. I see both sides.
    I eat meat, but understand why some people don’t…
    I understand to get every last use out of a product,
    I think it’s progressive and useful.
    what I don’t find useful, is bashing people for their lifestyle.
    “nani nani boo boo, you aren’t really vegan”
    really, grow up. chart is cool to see what these things are used for
    but are you really so resentful toward someone
    who cherishes the life of another living creature
    more than eating it, that you must condescendingly point out
    that the poor cow is chopped up, blended up and used in every aspect of our lives?

  54. Anyone who decides to be a vegan because they don’t like animals being harmed is fucking stupid.

    If you’re grossed out by the thought of eating animal products? That’s a legit reason. If you don’t like the taste of meat? Legit reason. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle? Legit reason.

    But “I don’t eat meat because animals are killed for it” is a bullshit reason. Whether you eat meat or not, the same animals are going to be killed, they’re going to be used for all kinds of things, and all you’re contributing to is corporate greed and the killing of OTHER animals to make land to grow replacement products on.

    And hey, something to consider? Cows make about 30% of our greenhouse gases. So all these cows being killed? Guess what, us non-vegetarians are helping save the planet. And hey, your vegan shit is grown in fertilizer made from those same cows we eat. Good job, guys. You’re totally not contributing to the killing of animals at all.

  55. you’re an idiot.

  56. Rob above me is especially idiotic.
    All the other reasons to be a vegan, you’re being a vegan for the wrong reasons, or actually there is no such thing, because at least you’re still staying away from animal products, but saying that not eating animal products because you don’t like them being harmed is stupid is idiotic. Have you ever seen how much they torture the animals when they could do it easily and humanely?

  57. im glad we use that much of the cows we kill, actually.

  58. Man… I don’t know about you, but I sure could go for a nice steak right now. I nice big juicy rib eye. Mmmmm!

  59. Veganism is nothing more than a bloody trend. Woooo let’s all go green and pay 10x more for everything so that we can make up for the fact that we are TERRIBLE SNOBS and treat everyone like they are ignorant carnivores … but it’s all fine since you save the poor little duckies, right? Quit crying for attention and self-righteousness and make a change by doing something like hugging your mother. It will do far greater good than screaming THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU unto every venison consumer you encounter.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  60. I think that you guys are all fucking hilarious and your responses are exactly whats wrong with the world. Its great that you somehow think that by pointing how all this incredible fucked up shit has penetrated so deeply into society that its impossible to avoid, but do you seriously think that somehow justifies you not doing anything to personally help the problem and see as a valid argument for undermining those who do? Do you seriously think we would continue killing hows to use their skin in lotion if there was no meat industry? are you that ignorant? All those manufacturers only incorporate those animal parts into their product because its the fucking cheap ass waste left over from your double double down that, honestly, if it wasn’t used, would provide an even bigger problem to society. What would you do with the rotting flesh of the 100,000 cows we slaughter FOR MEAT everyday? Sorry, but no one is killing these cows for their hooves and blood. If there was no meat industry creating a plentiful amount of cheap leftovers, all those manufacturers would find alternatives.

    Also- the bit about manure you included makes you look like an ignorant fuck.

  61. Obviously, as many others have told you in comments, that’s not the point.

    I recognize that it’s your life, not mine, but I would suggest that you stop being an overly-analytical asshole. You might get a whole lot more enjoyment out of life.

  62. Also Rob,
    fertilizer made from the same cows? do you see how stupid that makes you look? do you suggest we just leave cow shit laying around? I dont know how any of you think that could be in any way relevant to anything. Are you suggesting that the reason we have cattle farms is to harvest their shit? reallly?

    you might also want to look into how inefficient the meat industry is in terms of the pollutants they use and the energy they waste to slaughter those cows. yes, cows produce methane, but because of the meat industry we essentially “harvest” them in unreasonable numbers. you think that because they naturally produce methane that it somehow justifies killing them after they have grown into maturity and been producing it that whole time? wouldn’t it make more sense to just control their reproduction from the get-go? Cows produce 30% of green houses because we escalate their population to support our meat industry. so really, you create that problem. If you want to claim you help the environment and are so attached to meat you should try and support ways of making the industry more ecologically responsible and SMALLER. I don’t think its cruel or unreasonable to eat meat, but they way our excessive world does it is, and I don’t think you should be harassing those who go to extremes to make up for others’ irresponsibility. What is this post trying to tell vegans? That even though they’re trying our society has made it nearly impossible to be perfect so they shouldn’t bother? You should understand that If you don’t want to take any sort of personal accountability for the state of the world you shouldn’t throw your money into the corrupt system that directly produces it.

  63. Why would vegans protest against such a efficient use of an animal? I feel that the consumption of cattle is something that will not slow down any time soon, but shouldn’t we all agree that the entire animal is used? I think its fantastic that the animal does not go to waste; just look at the extensive list of things created with the aid of just one cow. Why would you protest that? This isn’t mindless seal-clubbing, this is intelligent and resourceful use of what we have available.

  64. Without disrespect to vegans all around, i respect your decisions therefore respect mine to call you retarded and make fun of you.

  65. I’d say a better point to make is that we don’t waste much of the animals that we kill.

  66. Why??? why does it matter to any of you either way? let vegans be vegans and carnivores be carnivores. I grew up on a hog farm and cattle farm that had from 500 to 1000 head of livestock at a time. I DO find that vegans tend to take the 1% of poorly run farms and use them as propoganda against most farms. ( I have received these pamphlets personally) Don’t tell me I’m an asshole for eating meat, and I won’t tell you you’re an idiot for believing that every animal consumed has been abused or mistreated. Let it BE!

  67. I agree, speaking as a meat-eater. It’d be such a waste if we didn’t utilize as much as we possibly could.
    But yes, many of these products can be, and are, manufactured without the use of any animal products. It is kind of arrogant that people would go out of their way to prove a person’s lifestyle or philosophy to be “wrong”. It’s a personal choice that should be respected, vegan or otherwise. We are free to make our own choices. People choose to be vegan for different reasons, there is no wrong or right in the matter.
    Some people may be against the killing of animals, but truthfully, whether we like it or not, animal products are still going to be used in our day-to-day routine. That’s just the way it is, and always has been. People make different choices than others, just like with everything else. Who’s to say who’s right, and who’s wrong?
    Not everyone knows what exactly goes into the products we use, but to completely veer away from the use of any animal product is extremely difficult. It’s hard to find out what exactly goes into the products we use, unless it states that it’s “animal-free” or “animal-friendly”.

  68. I eat steak and vegans everyday because this world is fucked and i hope all the vegans in the world will shove a dildo made of corn up their ass. Domesticated animals were made to be eaten by humans. We have breed domesticated animals for thousands of years so that we could eat there meat. Thats why we have some sort of immune system too. But theses fuck head vegan hipsters want to be animal free can shove it because they have a lower immune system than me and the rest of the world.

    And if you twitter, Fuck you!

  69. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan. I eat like like the majority of people. I’ve had many friends that are vegetarians or vegans. Most of them have given up on it after a while. They didn’t like it or did it because it was trendy. I just take pride in being at the top of food chain and eating whatever I want. That being said, I think people should be able to do whatever the hell they want to with their life (within moral reason) without being ridiculed by others for their decisions. I respect vegetarians and vegans. I just ask that they don’t try to force their ways upon me. Wow… It’s exactly like religion. I’m not religious, but I respect those who are as long as they respect my beliefs too.

  70. […] found this funny picture from this site. In modern times there is really no way to avoid the that meat products end up in a vast array of […]

  71. As a vegan, my primary goal is to reduce as much of the harm I do to the world as possible, and I have come to grips with the fact that I can never attain perfection. However, just by reducing meat and dairy from my diet alone, and no longer purchasing leather or other animal goods for clothing (I wear what I have before my transition, because it would be more wasteful to trash it and purchase non-vegan options; I will replace them as they wear out with those, however), I have significantly reduced the amount of demand in the market for what I ate formerly, and reduced the environmental consequences of those consumption habits. The fact that SO much of this stuff is made from an animal whose only purpose in life was to be born so it could die and “serve humanity” proves that we have much more work to do; it does not prove I should stop being vegan because I can’t 100% eliminate animal products from things over which I have no control.

  72. Isn’t hypocrisy that vegans have such a smug attitude but they have no objection to filling up their gas tanks when they have the knowledge that that oil is tainted with HUMAN blood. Innocent children, think about that before passing judgment. What’s your response? “oh but those children deserve it…” ? Why don’t you stop driving your car you smug bastards.

  73. I think the point is that you may purchase something completely not animal-related, say a toothbrush. And low and behold, there was glue used in the making of the toothbrush that came from the cow. The author of the picture was making a point- we make so many different materials from animals that even being extremely careful- a vegan still supports the use of these animals by buying MOST products- even those that may seem completely independent from the livestock market. And eating vegetables isn’t necessarily a good substitute anyway, being that we take what was once forest or plain- natural animal habitat, plow it, and work the land to raise crops, then do not use those crops to feed any animals with. Really- a true vegan would eat nothing.

  74. Right, by being a vegan the world is saved… Instead of using replenishable goods we can buy artificial ones made from petroleum products requiring massive amounts of energy to be developed and produced! That surely will save the planet….

  75. I get my vegans wouldn’t drink milk, because a cow has to had a baby, and it’s her milk, or something, but if someone wanted my poo to grow some flowers, I’d be fine.

  76. lol, everyone of you took this way to seriously, i agree with this completely, unless your the one percent of vegans who pay attention to every single product you use, you are probably using an animal in some way. so stop defending these stupid people who flaunt there rediculously stupid lifestyle like they are hot shit.

    plants are living organisms also but i don’t see you fighting for their rights lol lol llol

    i cant even begin to respond to all the bullshit on this page in the comment section. the only reason

    i will increase my meat consumption to no end in order to stave off your meat eatingless asses, join me my meat brothers and eat and waste more then you can imagine to counter the vegans and hipsters of the world!!!

  77. vegans need to just give up

  78. You’re all pussies. We evolved to consume lesser beings (no, not minorities, this time) just like many other creatures out there. We have intellect and cunning rather than strength and fangs to prey upon our future meal. I don’t feel bad about grubbing hard on some retard cow. I’m the top of the foodchain, I didn’t evolve my way to the top to eat a fucking salad.

  79. I can’t say whether or not everything on that list is accurate, but i can say this:

    Vegans are just as aware of the many uses of animal products as you ignorant fucks. It’s exactly WHY they are vegan. (depending on on individual reasons that is) Our lifestyles have become so dependent on animal products and byproducts that millions of animals are tortured and mistreated through efforts to speed up productions. Vegans (again, individually) use what knowledge they have (while making efforts to continue gaining knowledge; nothing i could say for any of you) to avoid financially supporting the companies using these products and perpetuating the problems associated with them. They also do this to ENCOURAGE the use of products not made from animals.

    Even the most knowledgeable and dedicated vegan struggles greatly to use nothing but animal free products. In this world it is nearly impossible to do. Sure they could boycott produce treated with manure…but they would fucking starve to death.

    A vegan who is a vegan because they actually believe in their cause will unhesitatingly admit to this problem and discuss possible solutions. A vegan who is a vegan because (and i’m sure this is the type of person most of you are referring to) it’s the cool new thing to be an “activist” will deny this through clenched teeth and refuse conversation because they probably don’t even know anything about it.

    This is a weak and invalid attempt at countering a rightful cause.

    Also, I eat meat.

    But veganism is in my interests, so I’m willing to objectively view BOTH sides of the argument as long as the arguments have a valid point.

  80. You’re Vegan? Righteous, an omnivore? Cool. A total carnivore? Awsome

    Bur cannibals still have the moral high ground, too many damn people on this rock already

  81. mmmmm beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  82. Why is it wrong to use all of the animal. What i think is wrong is to only use an animal for one thing. Animals are not people and i think to many people do not realize this. I do not believe in animal cruelty, but why would animals be here if not to help in some way. I cannot believe that animals are just here for show and the whole idea of animals being of no use is laughable. For thousands of year man has used animals for the things we need, and just because we can make it out of plastic doesn’t mean we should stray away from the use of animals. Plastic in turn is worse for the environment than eating a cow. I think its great that we can do so much with every part of a cow, that means non of it is going to waist.

  83. locavore is not a term.

    Fucking hell you are stupid.

  84. What does it matter? I’m a vegetarian for a couple reasons: 1. I’m too lazy to put in the research to find out where exactly my livestock is coming from (I don’t like the idea of eating a hormonally charged cow) and 2. It grosses me out. I don’t want to see a lump of bloody animal flank in front of me anymore than I want to see a bloody human hand in front of me. The idea of eating dead things is gross. You could argue that I don’t give a rainbow flavored fart about plant-lives, but hey I have to eat something. And eating a leafy salad with the fixin’s is MUCH more appealing to me than the alternative. Plus, I live in the Central Valley, CA…all my veggies are grown literally a mile away. (BUY LOCAL, EVERYONE!!!) Back to my original question: Why does it matter? Why does the non-vegetarian population concern itself with the vegan/vegetarian diet? It’s none of your business what I do or don’t eat. If you ask me why I choose the lifestyle I live, I will tell you. But don’t go on a spew of how PETA can go fuck itself.

    @Evan, thank you so much for that. I’ve been trying to explain the very same thing to soooo many people but could never explain it as well as you did. P.S., I might lift some phrases from it.

    Bottom line: Can’t we all just get along?

  85. I think this diagram makes a great point, there are so many items out there that are made from animals. All I wish is that animals were treated better. I believe that eating free range chickens that aren’t fed antibiotics, and grassfed beef, is a much healthier option. Protein is an important staple of the diet, and without animal protein, we are missing out on these nutrients. Plant sources of protein do not provide the same amount as animal sources.

  86. It’s not at all impossible. Infact if you read the labels(which you should probably get into habit of, vegan or not) it’s pretty simple. I’ve been a strict vegetarian(I have no problem with dairy and farm eggs) for seven years and it can be limiting occasionally but not often. Chewing gum for example, out of the three big brands I like, only one contains any biproduct of animals.

  87. This is hilarious and so true! Vegans have every right to exclude whatever they want from their diets and lives, but I can’t help but think that they’re going against the natural human inclination toward being an omnivore. Veganism is expensive, time-consuming, and really irritating at dinner parties

  88. Let’s just wait and see what happens when we’re no longer at the top of the food chain. Will you submit with a smile when some bigger fish comes along and harvests you?

  89. Re: Candy
    You might not ever read this but just in case;
    You said “think it’s really sad that we use so many dead and/or mistreated animals to create things that society needs or demands”. Now, how is a dead animal being used for something useful sad? If anything it means that its life had its purpose and so did its afterlife.
    On the topic of mistreated animals, they should be cared for but if the damage is too severe they should be put down so they no longer suffer, and they can then be used for something beneficial to someone else.
    It’s the whole circle of life thing. Everyone dies, at least if there’s some use after their death, their death isn’t worthless.

  90. Veganism is a step… towards living more consciously. Once you take one step, you must learn a lot more about what you consume. If you are vegan for particular reasons (like actually caring about making the world a better place) then all that you learn may actually lead you to believe that there is more to this process than simply avoiding animal products. Some people mention the “carbon footprint” of being vegan. This is something that somebody who cares enough to even try being vegan will hopefully pay attention to when they learn about it, and put that knowledge into the evolution of their philosophies of interaction with the world.

    Living consciously is the supreme potential power of being a human. Life cannot be broken down into such simplicities. Being vegan and vegan alone is not necessarily better (or worse). We must all examine our beliefs, search for knowledge, and be willing to adapt. We have a choice. That is, to me, what is so beautiful about people.

  91. I think this just proves that cows are a really good resource to human existance. More reason to utilize them

  92. why do you guys have such anger towards vegans and vegetarians? you dont need to be so threatening and offensive to get your point across. note that most posts by the vegans and vegetarians are calm and informative, while the majority of the omnivores sound childish… using the typical argument of “youre wrong, but im right”, with no reason or supporting facts?

    thats cool if you eat meat. i dont.
    so get over it…. the world keeps going.

    ps. this might make your blood boil a bit 😉

  93. You know, I find that it’s extremely funny that people get riled up over a simple title. It’s a damn comic, it was meant to be funny and to make a point, the point being that it is very difficult in today’s society to be completely vegan. I do agree with some of the viewpoints of animal rights and how there are a few poorly run slaughterhouses that do cruel things to the animals, however, I have also been to several well-managed slaughterhouses, and the cows and pigs that they kill for human consumption are completely dead before they start processing. The cows and pigs don’t come from large, corporate-run factory farms, they come from local farmers who do nothing but turn them out to pasture and feed them grass, and leftovers from dinner for the pigs. I come from a family that farms our own veggies, and we kill deer for the meat, and toss the organs for the wild dogs and foxes that live in the woods. Don’t dare call me savage for eating deer, because when you think about it, there are roughly 1.5 million automotive accidents directly caused by deer annually. When you get down to it, that’s just under 3 wrecks a minute.

    When you get down to it, it all comes from viewpoints. Don’t disrespect mine and call me a backwater, redneck hick of a girl, because I can assure you I’m not, and I won’t make fun of you for being a smug, self-righteous prick for thinking you are above eating or owning things that have trace amounts of meat in them.

  94. Idiotic argument; you might as well say that because cars all run on gas now means that we shouldn’t be trying to make electric ones.

  95. Veganism does have some good points. I’ll submit to that. That wont keep me, however, from enjoying meat, milk, eggs, etc. We’re omnivores. That’s the way we evolved. If we were meant to be herbivores, that’s how we would have evolved, but we were stronger this way. Ok, fine. If you don’t want to eat anything produced from or using a byproduct from an animal, fine. Even if you don’t though, you cant change people. We look for renewable resources to obtain raw materials, and if we can get so much from a cow, then we’re going to use them.

  96. I think I’m in love with Locavore…

  97. I always go out of my way to ensure everything I use is made from animals.

  98. Is there vegan glue?

  99. This only some of what they do with the leftovers after slaughter there are countless number of other things.

  100. Many would think of it as not putting an animal, which was probably used to produce food for people to waste. Seems to me the only thing not used here would be the bones and I’m sure that is only because we’re beyond the need to use them because we have metal and plastic utensils. Animal testing: wrong. But hey, those pretty lip glosses and other makeups that aren’t mineral makeups (and who knows, maybe even those) are made from some part of an animal. Our bodies are designed to digest meat, our teeth designed to eat it. Our bodies need nutrients that are found in meats but not plants or vegetables. I will also go farther and say that, if it has to do with the fact it’s living, then people should just never eat because plants were living once. Do the people who produce most meat products need to get some reform done? Yes. So do those people who can vegetables. And the people who put pesticides on vegetables. Every single company that produces food has issues. Unless you grow it yourself or raise the livestock yourself you have no clue what is really, truly going into the food. So while I have nothing against vegans I think most of them need to get the fuck over their hippie, self-righteous selves and do something that will actually help their cause: get into the damn business, the FDA, and fix shit. Stop whining and being pussies.

  101. I would like to list some points; 1, Veganism is somewhat unnatural, as humans evolved to ingest other animals, be it beef, pork, or anything else. As vegans only eat/use products that are as non-associated with animals and animal derivatives as possible, one can deduce that they are wrong, for believing that eating meat is cruel. 2, Animal husbandry is somewhat like slavery, but that is usually all that the animals know, and it is of general opinion that livestock is generally content with their conditions. Thus, they, as a whole, only really care that they can survive as a species. I mean, we arn’t slowly killing off the cow to extinction, are we? No, we’re keeping it in good number so we can survive. Livestock are NOT threatened as a whole by humans. Spoiled, maybe. 3, I understand that most vegans just have a personal distaste for the concept of eating or using animal products. However, there are the activists, who are very noticeable and very annoying, sometimes. Basically they really want you to know “Hi, I’m a vegan, eating meat is wrong. You should be a vegan because not being one is not ethical and very wrong. Eating meat is unnatural, and animals are our friends.” Yes, we get the picture, but the idea seems far less attractive when you say that it is unnatural to eat meat (animals literally do it all the time, why shouldn’t we?) You wouldn’t tell a polar bear not to eat a seal, because the polar bear MUST eat meat. It’s a carnivore. Humans are omnivores, creatures designed by their dietary requirements to eat meat. That is the order of things. Animals and people are, at least the way I see it, equal in their right to eat meat. 4, I DO, however, believe that if suffering is preventable during slaughtering/raising, make it so, just because the animal was doomed to be consumed at birth, it needn’t be painfully killed. In conclusion, I see the facets of veganism ( mostly activist veganism) as only half-sensible, preventing the destruction of living creatures, yet believing cunsumption of meat is wrong. We, as a species have been eating meat for tens of thousands and our evolutionary ancestors tens of millions of years, so why stop now? Thus, vegans, YOU are wrong, eating animals is RIGHT, because we were MENT to.

  102. I say to hell with labels.

  103. hey bros, hate PETA, not vegans. we’re not all condescending, propaganda-spewing assholes. i never tell people the right way to eat (unlike zachy above me) because there is no right way to eat. you can only live your own life, dummies! eat whatever you want. i don’t eat animal products because
    1. i like animals A WHOLE LOT and i like em alive
    2. i don’t like saturated fats
    3. as illustrated by the lovely drawing above, it’s fucking hard to be a true vegan, and every day i successfully avoid animal products to the greatest extent possible is a day i fucking WON. it’s definitely a test of will-power, so i get to challenge myself constantly, and who doesn’t get satisfaction from that?
    4. but i seriously fucking hate saturated fats

    i don’t get the hate. maybe it’s the amount of vegan pot i smoke, but i’m really good at not hating people/thinking people are stupid/making judgment calls on people’s character because of their lifestyle choices.

  104. Hey, I’m a vegan. I am by far the healthiest person in my family and among my friends, although none of them are vegans. And I have a genetic disease that further limits the food i consume, yet I am perfectly healthy. Regarding this post, vegans recognize the fact that there is a no such thing as a “perfect vegan”. Asphalt contains animal products as do tires. Should we stop driving? No, we just do the best we can because we are still making a difference. We do find alternatives to most everything, but sometimes we are forced to use things, such as glass, that may contain animals. Unless we can float naked through the air, we will harm some living being at some point. I realize it, and I do my best, and that’s all that can be asked of us.

  105. Why be so negative about something that doesn’t hurt anyone and has a positive contribution to the world in which we reside?

    Seems childish and pointless to me – how about you spend your time finding out how to improve the way you live your life instead of pointing out the perceived failures of others?

    And by the way, every vegan I know knows about this shit and actively avoids it.
    Not judging you for being a meat eater, just judging you for being a dick.

  106. why doesnt everyone just do whatever the fuck they want to do………you want to be vegan? great, be vegan. You dont want to, thats great too. Mind your own business. P.S. im vegan and you can all blow me.

  107. I swear you all are retarded. The point is that most people don’t know that theses things are made out of animal products. I do find joy in fucking with Vegan people, because they say they don’t use anything with meat, and usually after they say so I either smell their hair or armpits. All shampoo and Deodorant have animal products in them, or they would be liquid and wouldn’t do any good for anyone. Yay for lard.

  108. Also if vegans were truly vegan, they should have rotting teeth, cause guess what paste substance has animal products in it.

  109. That’s like saying since SO many of the products we buy everyday are made using child labor, you shouldn’t even bother avoiding child-labor products when you know about the company’s practices.

    Or since even fuel efficient cars still produce harmful chemicals, we might as well just all drive humvees.

    Or if you can’t buy organic everything, then you shouldn’t bother buying organic anything.

    Just because you can’t become a full-fledged Jainist overnight doesn’t mean that you can’t try to lessen your carbon footprint a little bit, reduce your waste a little bit, and reduce the amount of suffering in the world by just a tiny bit.

    Besides, the majority of those non-vegan products DO have vegan alternatives. Try visiting a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s or Earth Fare. It sends a message to manufacturers that IF there is an alternative, vegans will buy it even when it is more expensive. Same goes for people who prefer “Made in the USA” products, which are far more expensive than the crap from China but it is worth it to some people.

  110. Beef is yum!

  111. Yeah, I agree with Dan. Whoever made this is a fucking retard. They may be correct about what the items are made of, but they are stupid to believe that a vegan can’t avoid it.

  112. When I saw this picture I just thought, “Aw, that’s funny!”
    People need to lighten up, or are vegans naturally cranky because they don’t eat animal products? Nah I’m joking!! Lighten up people!!!

  113. all of the parts used from animals for materials is only done so because of the “system” they have put in place for us. You do not need animals to make any of those products listed. It can all be done naturally and alternatively.

    But i don’t expect too many people to understand this, since they only understand what the T.V. , corporations, and government tells them.

  114. All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only dream, and we’re the imagination of ourselves.

    – Bill Hicks

    The laws of nature are the only laws that will sustain human life and we choose to ignore these laws for our own self-righteous sense of good and evil. Both Vegans and Meat Eaters are guilty of this. The laws that we follow are not the laws of nature but instead are laws that we create which are only good for the creators of that law. Fortunately for the rest of the planet we are still forced to obey the laws of nature whether we like it or not. No matter what we do, consume animals or not, we will eventually destroy ourselves if we continue to ignore the laws of nature. The laws of nature are simple. If you feed a starving village of 20 people, you will end up with 40 mouths to feed. If you create enough food to feed 4 billion people, you will end up with with 8 billion mouths to feed. Humans are the only creatures on this planet with a sense of good and evil. A starving Lion or Mouse will eat it’s own baby to survive and will not be judged by any other creature for doing it. Both the Lion and the Mouse obey the laws of nature and the Lion is going extinct while the mouse is thriving. The reason is because humans ignore the laws of nature and make up their own laws based on a self-righteous sense of good and evil. There is no such thing as good or evil for any creature on this planet. There is only the laws of nature which, if we continue to ignore, we will either go extinct or consume the entire universe including ourselves.

  115. If you are vegan that’s cool. If you eat meat that is also cool. If you torture stuff that’s not cool. If you think you are better than others because of your diet, that’s not cool. Unless you’re in an arranged, fair diet competition with someone and you are literally doing better than them in the specific competition.
    I enjoyed seeing the things cows are used for. I will now think of cows when I brush my teeth. And look through glass. And eat gelatin. And touch felt. And eat a burger.

  116. Soy Fuckers.. Just because mommy and daddy didn’t pay enough attention to you as a child doesn’t mean society cares whether you consume animal products or not. Meat is awesome and will continue to be consumed while you people try to come up with ways to make tofu taste like chicken wings… Not gonna happen

  117. wow! cows are really useful! thank you cows! now I totally have much more reasons why it’s not bad to kill you, you serve us in so many different ways!

  118. My only problems with vegans is that (the one’s I’ve met) have all been arrogant, self-rightous, and horribly pretentious. I heard a great joke the other day: “Q – How can you tell if you’re talking to a vegan? A- Oh, don’t worry…they’ll tell you.” If there is such a thing as a vegan who doesn’t believe that they are morally superior to every non-vegan, then more power to ’em. But anyone, regardless of the reason, who behaves that way is an ass.

  119. So i just dont get vegan…..i mean really, how animals are treated ? honestly most live pretty good lives up until they get killed. Except maybe the companies that supply fast food. Most just get shot in the head and their neck slit, and by the way humans need meat to be entirely healthy. Also how can you be afraid of the methane gas that animals produce?…what about the pollution from most synthetics and their byproducts ? How about all the vegetables you eat..those need to be fertilized and that generally comes from manure. unless you pay ten times what the product is worth to have it be organically grown from some one….eve than most organic still uses fertilizer made from manure….synthetic isnt very organic. i think vegan is a waste of time and money. eat a steak, be happy.

  120. Organic is more of a marketing technique than a health benefit. It just another way to make somebody a lot of money in their business

  121. there’s this thing called hemp. it does all of that. end of problem. its not vegan, its not veggie, its not an animal. fuck. its hemp.

  122. HA. I love it when narrow minded people fight on silly pages like this. Just laugh and move on. No one cares. Ohhhhhhh America.

  123. As a server vegetarians and vegans drive me crazy! Not all of them do mind you, just the ones that can’t eat chicken stock or any product related to animals. I have to modify your food out the ass to make sure no animal product is in it and you act like if you eat a piece of chicken your world is going to end. What I really don’t understand is if you’re eating at a place that serves meat and promotes the meat industry then you are in turn supporting the meat industry! We take the $10 you spent on your tofu and spend it on chicken and beef. If you don’t want to eat meat that’s fine with me but if you can’t eat chicken stock because you feel sorry for the animals then please don’t come into a restaurant that serves meat.

  124. ugh this person is very very wrong, all of the products that cows “help” us produce are also available in”vegan” form. Wise up before you make really bad art

  125. until cows figure out how to type in forums on the internet ,and discuss the fate of their human counterparts,I will continue to eat them.

  126. I applaud your wit sire. I’m proud to be part of a society that makes such use out of an animal. I’m an ardent steak lover and it makes me happy to know that while I’m enjoying my delicious medium rare steak I can find comfort in the fact that the rest of the animal is being used effectively to serve other aspects of our society. Man was made to enjoy his livestock, and considering we breed them into life I find nothing wrong with the treatment of said livestock. Although I respect the choice not to eat meat, I personally find it absurd to do so, it goes against our human instincts. However, to each and his own I suppose.

    again, well done sire. I think I’ll go and buy a steak tonight, then buy some products I know that are made from ingenuity and from materials derived from cows :)


  128. Laugh all you want, you obnoxious snits. You wouldn’t laugh if you could see us cows digging around in your frickin’ cemeteries at night. You eat us…we eat you… Ha!

  129. Want to know something really cool? Most of the synthetic replacement products that are being used by vegans and other environmentalists are at least as harmful to the environment as their natural counterparts. Yes, we could be more caring to the animals that we raise for food and other purposes, but plastics and synthetic fabrics are harder on the environment to create, and much harder to break down when they have outlasted their usefulness. I will not generalize and say that all vegans do any particular thing, but a lot of them have not fully thought out the impacts their decisions may have in the long run.

  130. Eating meat and using animal bi-products have been a part of human history as far back as our species can remember. You can look at any point in time to see where animals were used as food, tools, or clothing. In medieval times being able to serve meat to your guests was a sign of wealth or power. Animal skins were worn to keep yourself warm during the cold months. If you want a biblical reference just look at the story of Adam and Eve. God clothed them in the skins of animals after they ate the fruit of knowledge. There isn’t one culture older than 50 years that was strictly vegetarian and none that were vegan. I’m not saying vegan(environmentalists) are bad, but I do believe they carry it to far.

  131. Um, not necessarily all vegans are crazy animal rights activist. I was vegan for three months, and just concerning what I ate. It’s for health reasons. But I will agree, hipster elitist vegan assholes are annoying. But let’s not be ignorant and group all vegans together, shall we?


  133. I don’t understand vegans. What’s the point of not eating an animal?
    life feeds on life, its the nature of existence. If you aren’t consuming something that was once living, then you must be dead, because theres no other option.

  134. Beef tastes awesome.

  135. what’s a vegan?

  136. bacon should be required to be eaten its the god of meats

  137. Thank you internet people for an enlightening discussion. I’ve concluded that anyone with an opinion on this topic is an asshole or a douchebag.

    Here’s a dietary plan for you: eat a dick.

  138. @ volfness whiter,
    though I doubt you’ll ever read this,
    our teeth come from chewing plant life.
    we used to be vegetarians,
    then we discovered fire
    and started cooking and
    eating a lot more meat.

    @you actually read this,
    is it the anonymity of the internet?
    are people assholes in private?
    is it really just this topic?
    I have no idea, but I’m getting
    damn tired of the pointless attacks

  139. Well in my definition of a vegan, they are people who strive to not eat, use or consume any animal products, not necessarily people who completely do not eat or consume animal. I phrase it that way just because even the most careful of vegans accidentally use animal products. Should they all give up then? No they shouldn’t. Even if they accidentally use or eat something they shouldn’t they still are making a difference. Just my opinion

  140. Animals are needlessly dying day in, and day out. At least reduce your meat intake. Start giving a shit.

  141. Humans were omnivores from pre-historic times. Veganism was never a natural diet for humans. That is why vegans resort to a lot of supplements and fancy soy products. Also, not everyone can afford the supplements and ingredients required to prepare a fully balanced vegan dish, especially in third world countries. As a matter of fact, a lot of the ingredients mentioned in vegan diet recipes are not available in poorer countries. It seems that all this talk about ‘veganism’ emanates from people in US, UK, and Europe, who are blessed with a high standard of living. For the rest of us in the poorer countries, just getting a meal, any meal, is a struggle. Please try not to forget this.

    Notwithstanding what I’ve said, I have only praises for anyone who tries to reduce or eliminate meat and dairy from their diets as an expression of compassion for animals. But for their part, they should not display a ‘holier than thou’ attitude towards those who eat meat.

  142. I don’t know any vegans who would use ‘anti-ageing cream’.

    Vegans inherantly avoid the things on your ‘cow’ list, and they have a ‘pig list’ and a ‘chicken list’… I think what’s impossible here is the author of this little posting seeing outside his sphere of consciousness.

    Burst the bubble, big boy. Stop watching palin’s alaska.

  143. I like eating God. He is tasty and if we shouldn’t eat Him then why did He create Himself. Wait who created God? I don’t know. I want to eat him he is tasty. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  144. good point. if we’re to use god, we might as well use all of him, right?

  145. But, before you eat em (god), do you mind asking him whether he created humans to be herbivores or omnivores?

  146. I think it is funny veagans talk so much about how horrible the consuming of animal products is. They do not however seem to take time to understand the effects of the agriculture industry even in the non-animal aspect. To grow plants you must clear and effectively ruin what would have otherwise been naturally occuring environment. We can see that removing land for wildlife to live in hurts the wildlife in many ways Ex extinction total and localized , dislocation, unhealthy population, and the list goes on. Even better the synthetic industry requires large amounts of water and oil to maintain production levels so while i dont think vegans are completely wrong in some of thier arguments. I think they should get off the pedestal and realise that they contribute to environmental tragedy everyday so the next time a vegan decides to harangue someone about meat and animal products they can shoveit up thier ass.

  147. If vegans love animals so much, why do they eat all their food?

  148. The only reason vegans do what they do is to piss off their parents.

  149. i am not a vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or omnivore. i am a human being who eats food. sometimes the quality of my food is great, sometimes bad, sometimes i really can have no idea what’s really in it. one day milk is good, the next day it’s poison. one minute we should be eating quinoa, maybe next year we’ll find it causes cancer. vitamins, clif bars (mmm…), gatorade, diet ginger ale…who really knows the good, the bad, and the ugly? i’m just happy i’m living in a world where i can make certain choices about what i eat, and i have the means to do so. i have been eating almost vegetarian (i can’t give up my seafood), but many times i find myself eating mainly vegan when i don’t crave seafood. i don’t really buy cheese anymore, and i drink almond milk. so what? that’s what i like. but if i’m out somewhere, i won’t not buy a meal because it has cheese in it- that might be why i buy it because i wouldn’t normally buy it for daily meals at home. same with meat- depends on the situation. bottom line- do what you like. you’re the one eating it. unless other people influence what you buy and eat, then what’s the problem? last i heard everything was poison. yay water! oh wait, nevermind. that’s poison, too. i’m hungry.

  150. Veganism is self-righteousness. “I’m better because I’m a vegan.” Whether they say this or not, this is exactly how they consciously or unconsciously feel. The reason can be anything from I love animals to the food industry is horrible. Well, I’ve got news for all of you idiots. Animals are on the earth to be consumed by humans. Stop this we’re-equal-with-animals bullshit. We’re not. Sorry, but you need to get over it. Also, one person – even one thousand people – even one million people – refusing to eat meat/animal products will not change the food industry. There will always be people who eat meat/animal products that those industries put out, even knowing the truth behind what happens in the factories/ involving the hormones/the perservatives, etc. And don’t say “It’s my choice, others can do what they want” because that’s also bullshit, because if you believe that eating meat/animal products is wrong for you, it doesn’t make it right for me. So stop feeling “good” about yourselves and go drink a fucking glass of milk and get over it.

  151. “Animals are on the earth to be consumed by humans.”

    Hey, Christina, turns out you’re the ignoramus. You should probably get an award for the most cliches by a redneck retard in one paragraph. It’s stunning how uneducated and simple minded people are out there. I’m guessing you’re around 14 years old, like most of the lame commenters here, right? How about educating yourself instead of being a fool in public.

  152. My husband and I have been vegans for over 40 years. I don’t think we are self righteous…other than considering this right for US. We never tell others what to eat because we would not want them to tell us what to eat. It is not hard avoiding the things on the list. There is always a vegan version of something.
    We are healthy all the time which to me shows that our diet is good.
    We do it this way. You do it your way. Either way is okay. It is not a war.
    I feel no need to insult you.
    Many studies now show that eating more vegetables and less animal products leads to better health.
    But the choice is still yours. Not mine. I do what is right for me. You do what is right for you.
    I offer my hand in friendship.

  153. fucking, seriously? why do people that eat meat think that every vegetarian is so offended by the fact that they do so? i don’t eat meat. i don’t give a shit what you do.

    the industry is corrupt. why be so angry at the few people that are actually trying to do something about it? not every vegetarian thinks that people that eat meat are evil. some of us are just trying to quietly make a difference.

    we’re all people. stop fucking separating yourselves.

  154. cows blood in minerals? pretty sure minerals are naturally occurring.

  155. Not only is this chart true, but you can’t really eat wheat, either, if you’re a vegan.
    The wheat is harvested by a huge cutting machine that also undoubtedly kills hundreds of bugs in the process.

  156. i wouldnt eat a vegan they taste all smug and a little stringy for my idea of a good snack

  157. So I’m sure that someone has made this point, but though a lot of vegans are vegans because they don’t want animals to suffer there are many other reasons to be vegan. For some people a vegan diet is the only option they have because of allergies or other things. Also the amount of water that goes into producing meet and the amount of hormones that are fed to the cows is disgusting. I honestly wish some people could see all the unnecessary chemicals they are putting into their body.
    One thing that I don’t think people realize however is that its actually a good thing that we are using the other parts of the animal for things and not just killing them for their mmet. Companies will use other resources if the meet industry completely shuts down and they are just using what is on hand. In a way vegans should support this because in their eyes if a cow were to die, wouldn’t it be better if it was serving multiple purposes and not being wasted. I think the people who are bashing veganism are too narrowminded it is another person’s choice to eat what they want. Some people eat from McDonalds everyday and some people chose to eat fruits and vegetables. It’s just like music everyone knows what kinds of music they enjoy just like everyone knows what foods are right for their own body.

  158. You are all dumbshits. let the hippy vegans be hippies. I didnt claw my way to the top of the food chain for nothing. I love meat. Id club the shit out of a cow and eat the fuck out of him. I hate you all opinionized basterds.

  159. Why is it that everyone who hates vegetarians/vegans thinks that they are all stuck up and pretentious? I honestly have no idea where people would get that idea. I guess maybe from PETA but everyone knows that they’re pretty much bullshit. Even most vegetarians don’t agree with most of the things that PETA does, they’re all crazy (I mean, they tried to get Phish to change their name for gods sake). But yeah, everyone thinks that vegetarians hate meat eaters and are so full of themselves. I honestly could care less about what other people eat. The only reason that I’m a vegetarian is that I was brought up that way, and I honestly have no other reasons. People can eat what they want, there’s no reason for people to be assholes to the other side of the argument.

  160. It has become the predominant stereotype that all vegans and vegetarians are self-righteous and pretentious. Consequently, people often say not very nice things about us. (Locavore, for instance, called us “assholes”). As someone who makes an effort not to shove my beliefs down others’ throats, I’m rather hurt by this show of hostility.

    I elect not to eat meat, but my personal choices don’t really concern anyone else, so… just leave us veggies be, please.

  161. I totally agree with Kat. I’m a vegetarian and have been for 3 years. I’m very proud of it too. My boyfriend eats meat and I don’t care. You can live a perfectly healthy life without eating meat/milk/eggs/etc. Soymilk has as much calcium and MORE vitamin D than milk, idiots. Soy is also great for protein and there’s many many many other things that you can eat to get the nutrients that are found in meat. I think that killing animals to eat them is wrong, however I know it will never end. And to the people that say that it will never end just because it’s been going on for so long, so did slavery, and that’s done with. And to DAN in CO, if vegetarians/vegans eat a piece of chicken, we will get sick and it’s not fun. That’s happened to me twice and I became horribly sick. So no, it’s not the end of the world, but it does hurt. Majority of the animals that are killed for consumption, do NOT live a healthy life. There’s no such thing as a cute little happy farm for the animals to run around on. They live in tiny boxes and live horrible lives, just to be killed. The get sick, killed, then eaten. Everything they eat or in-take, goes into your body.Personally though, I like caring and standing up for animals that can’t fend for themselves. Not forcing anyone to become vegetarian or anything, just stating the facts.

  162. How come everyone always praised the Native Americans for using EVERY single part of an animal they killed for something useful in their lives, but when “the evil white folk” find many different ways to use animal parts it’s “messed up”? Would you rather they just cut out the meat and leave the rest of the animal to rot in a huge hole somewhere in the ground? Because I pledge that I will eat meat for the rest of my life, therefore there will always be demand which means continued slaughter houses. It is nice to know that the rest of the animal is going to other good uses.

  163. And Meghan, humans are MEANT to eat meat, it is biologically healthy for us to eat meat. If you want to not eat meat for your own personal reasons, go ahead, I will never try and stop you.

    One way scientists determine what an animal eats (whether they are omnivores, herbivores, carnivores) is their teeth. If all the teeth are flat (in lack of thinking of a better term) which is best for grinding food, they are herbivores. If the teeth are all sharp and pointy (again, lack of a better term) which is best for ripping meat apart, then they are carnivores. Humans have both flat and sharp teeth meaning we are omnivores. We are supposed to eat meat and plants. We can feel bad for killing animals and eating them, but I think why should I? Other animals do not feel bad killing other animals for food, it is just how nature is.

    That’s what I think. As I said, if you are happy and healthy, then go about life how you want to. Thank god we live in a country where you can.

  164. Oh, and before you all call the slaughter houses the evil ones, just read this article.

    The real myth is that all animals who are slaughtered are unhappy living in small cages. Of course it happens, I will not say that all to-be slaughtered animals are happy, but it’s also untrue that all are unhappy. You all just tend to read one source. OF COURSE P.E.T.A. will ONLY report on unethical slaughter houses. OF COURSE people who love meat will ONLY show happy cow farms. Are you all that blind?

    I know this to be true because I live near cow farms. Five miles down the road a farmer owns many cows and hundreds of acres of fields. They always have grass to eat in the summer, and hay to eat in the winter. They are always out in the fields, and sometimes escape into backyards which is hilarious. They are then SOLD (not just raised and killed where they stand) to slaughter houses to be cut up. So now, EVERYONE SHUT UP and let people be who they want to be.

  165. okay, so what? You want us to give you a medal? Are you really that proud of how disgusting we are that trillions of people chew cow fat? Do you feel superior now? Why are people so threatened by no meat eaters? Vegans and vegetarians don’t give a damn about what you eat so stop caring about us and what we eat! You wouldn’t yell at an obese person and tell them the wrongs of there diets! Jeez, since you enjoy making charts about the uses of deceased organisms why don’t you make a chart about the uses of aborted human fetuses:)

  166. What the fuck is this! yeah you say thats where all the stuff comes from, but they avoid all that stuff entirely and pretty much you can get most of that stuff from plants anyways.

  167. Can someone please explain why bones would be needed to make refined sugar?

  168. Look at all the pissed off vegans. That makes me happy!

  169. What this article seems to ignore is that vegetarians and vegans do not just focus on diet. We avoid ALL PRODUCTS MADE FROM ANIMALS. That includes leather, fur, etc. At least one thing you have to admit is that vegetarians know what they’re eating. A meat burger or hot dog. What’s in it? Insects, rats (no law against it), intestines, heads, tongues, unmentionables. There is no unpleasant parts of a vegetable. If the item is a bean burger, I know it contains beans. Have you ever heard of a bean with intestines?

    I know that the item would not contain whatever the factory is infested with because it wouldn’t be vegetarian.

  170. FU! Plants have feelings too. Stop killing them. Liberation for the carrots!

  171. Screw vegans vegitarians. My food shits on your food.

  172. Fuck you vegetarians. Animals have no rights. I love how you ignorant shit bags can be more worried about animals being treated poorly than the millions of people world wide that suffer on a daily basis. Take a deep breath and pull your heads out of your asses, or just kill yourselves.

  173. You think you’re saving the world by eating a tofu-burger and sticking to a diet of grains and berries? Well here’s something that not many vegetarians know (or care to acknowledge): every year millions of animals are killed by wheat and soy bean combine machines during harvesting season. Oh yeah, go on and on for hours about how all of us meat eaters are going to hell for having a steak, but conveniently ignore the fact that each year millions of mice, rabbits, snakes, skunks, possums, squirrels, gophers and rats are ruthlessly murdered as a direct result of YOUR dieting habits.

    That’s right: the gloves have come off. The vegetarian response to this embarrassing fact is “well, at least we’re not killing intentionally.” So let me get this straight; not only are animals ruthlessly being murdered as a direct result of your diet, but you’re not even using the meat of the animals YOU kill? At least we’re eating the animals we kill (and although we also contribute to the slaughter of animals during grain harvesting, keep in mind that we’re not the ones with a moral qualm about it), not just leaving them to rot in a field somewhere. That makes you just as morally repugnant than any meat-eater any day. Not only that, but you’re killing free-roaming animals, not animals that were raised for feed. Their bodies get mangled in the combine’s machinery, bones crushed, and you have the audacity to point fingers at the meat industry for humanely punching a spike through a cow’s neck? If you think that tofu burgers come at no cost to animals or the environment, guess again.

    To even suggest that your meal is some how “guiltless” is absurd. The defense “at least we’re not killing intentionally” is bullshit anyway. How is it not intentional if you KNOW that millions of animals die every year in combines during harvest? You expect me to believe that you somehow unintentionally pay money to buy products that support farmers that use combines to harvest their fields? Even if it was somehow unintentional, so what? That suddenly makes you innocent? I guess we should let drunk drivers off the hook too since they don’t kill intentionally either, right? There’s no way out of this one. The only option left for you is to buy some land, plant and pick your own crops. Impractical? Yeah, well, so is your stupid diet.

    Even if combines aren’t used to harvest your food, you think that buying fruits and vegetables (organic or otherwise) is any better? How do you think they get rid of bugs that eat crops in large fields? You think they just put up signs and ask parasites to politely go somewhere else? Actually, I wouldn’t put that suggestion past you hippies. One of the methods they use to get rid of pests is to introduce a high level of predators for each particular prey, which wreaks all sorts of havoc on the natural balance of predator/prey populations–causing who knows what kind of damage to the environment. Oops, did I just expose you moral-elitists for being frauds? Damndest thing.

  174. Vegetarianism is a luxury. plain and simple fact. There is absolutely NO environment where you can grow all of your food and still maintain a healthy body. If you plan on being a vegetarian, just know that while you are feasting on your imported vegetables, a little boy is starving in Africa because you would rather save a non-sentient creature, than a human life.

  175. It’s funny that that the guy who said vegans were stupid, spelled PETA wrong. Those of you who say that vegans don’t get “Low chain fatty acids” (Im looking at you nmyph)… there are no “low chain” fatty acids, there are long and short chain, n-chain, etc..
    I’ve been vegan for 15 years, I’m not skinny or overweight, I don’t take supplements, and I don’t have any deficiencies. I eat very well, I get whole(complete) proteins from quinoa, amaranth, hemp, and various other sources. When I cant get those, a combination of beans, rice and a veggie usually does just fine. As a matter of fact, I would bet that I eat LESS soy products than most meat eaters (it’s in all of your shitty ENRICHED foods).
    I have never asked or told anyone that they should be vegan, I have told people how I eat when they ask. Sure, maybe by this definition, there is no true vegan, but almost any vegan will tell you that it is an aspiration, not an end. Those of you who get angry over these kind of issues really should consider what you are REALLY angry about, it’s such a simple thing to get upset over. But, it’s the Internet, and your actions and emotions aren’t accountable to anyone, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.
    By the way, the initial post it moronic and cowardly. It is intended to piss someone off, and done in a way that the author doesn’t have to see or be accountable to any repercussion.

  176. Not to bust any of your bubbles or anything, but I worked for a vegan food supplement warehouse that produces protein powders and superfoods which bragged of being 100% vegan but the probiotics and lactobacillus that we put inside of the powder was made from animal products.

    Even when you may think you are completely 100% vegan, you’re still probably not.

  177. Oh, and did I mention… At the ___”vegan warehouse”___ where I work, we catch mice in here all the time and kill them.

  178. I get it if people are vegans or vegetarian and you hate them for trying to shove ideas down your throat. I get that. However, I don’t think it’s fair to call vegetarians or vegans “stupid” because they don’t like eating other living things.
    If one doesn’t feel superior to another living thing, then they don’t. Condemning someone for taking a stand on something such as this is really just stupid.

    I personally am a vegetarian for ethical reasons. I realize the unrealistic qualities of veganism, mainly because I have no will power and I have needs for cheese. However, if you wanna be vegan, be vegan. If you like your steak, eat it. Will I poke fun and make you feel a little guilty? Yeah, but I’m not trying to stop you from doing what you’re doing. Poke fun at vegans and vegetarians, but don’t make them feel like what they’re attempting to do is wrong.

    I take offense to the “stupid” comments. We’re not all the same.

  179. Vegans and vegetarians are morally wrong.

    Meat is good for you, embrace it.
    I can understand if the animals were domesticated first but they aren’t.
    They are raised to make food and other products nothing more.
    In the words of Bart Simpson “At least I don’t eat things that are defenseless”
    What do cows produce? Methane gas, which happens to be something that ruins the environment. I help the environment by eating the cows. :)
    What do plants do? Clean the environment…You eat the things that are cleaning up this world.


  180. I have as much regard for animals (and their byproducts) as they do for one another. I’ll consider the merits of veganism when the lion lies down with the lamb. Until then, please pass the bucket of hot wings over this way, won’tl you?


  182. This is why I’m just vegetarian.

    It’s a healthier thing for me personally, plus I’m not forking over ridiculous amounts of money trying to find “vegan” Juicyfruit and animal-free sticky tape.

  183. I havn’t had a banana in a month, dont hear me bragging. Silly vegiemonsters.

  184. I just want to clarify the definition of vegan: someone who does not voluntarily use animal products.

    It is not impossible to be vegan, but it is nearly impossible to be a perfect vegan. Some things are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean that a vegan voluntarily decides to use these products.

    I know this might have already been said, but I figure a short reminder would be nice.

    About the image, it’s funny. Yes, it points out a bunch of things that CAN be made from cows. BUT allow me to give some examples:

    Glycerin is the product used in some chewing gums that comes from a cow. However, there are many gums that don’t contain glycerin.

    The beauty products: Some people have a fear of using chemicals in them. They often avoid things because of this fear, and are able to find products with no chemicals.
    The same goes for vegans, if the correct amount of research is done, it becomes easy to find vegan companies such as Body Bistro. Body Bistro has all kinds of beauty products from Bathing supplies to aromatherapy.

    In short, the image is funny. It points out just how much animals are used. It draws a silly conclusion that spiked a lot of controversy. Some non-vegans/vegetarians have a tendency to dislike vegans, and it’s funny. But I just want you all to know that there are in fact products out there that are vegan, replace these uses of the cow, and work quite well.

    PS- I don’t mind what anyone else eats/does! I only inform.

  185. PS- Glass is made from minerals from: sandstone (silica), mineral springs(sodium bicarbonate), and limestone(lime). Not cows, silly.

  186. And while I’m on a roll, most of these products are out-dated! (eg. tennis racket strings. Those are actually made from plastic now. I realize that plastic is made from petroleum, but renewable sources are underway. For instance, Pepsi company is going to start using scraps from their food companies to made biodegradable bottles! )

  187. …Sorry for the constant comments but:

    Ron G: Methane is not actually that bad for the environment. It is actually the last harmful to the environment of any other fossil fuel. It only releases CO2 when in use.
    Also, when microorganisms break down dead organic matter, they release natural gas too. By your logic, you should also consume much of the municipal waste in landfills, hm?

  188. I was a vegetarian for 4 years and recently started eating meat again. Anyway, I can’t even express how stupid this illustration is. I don’t understand why people have to put vegans and vegetarians down all the time.

  189. everyone just eat whatever the hell they want, im as non-vegan as they come but i don’t care one bit about someone else being vegan, everyone just live your own life, don’t try to shove your eating habits (and religion) down other people’s throats, and be happy, in the end we are all gonna be dead anyway so do whatever makes you happy

  190. not eating meat you are less likely to suffer from heart disease stroke and cancer.but this is more an attitude of mind it is called compassion to all living beings.

  191. Animals are supposed to be eaten and used. Vegans and vegetarians are oversensitive idealists that have nothing better to do than complain about their boring lives. Nothing better than a nice piece of red meat. Get a real hobby and let me enjoy my steak in peace.

  192. I think animals shouldn’t be treated badly but I believe we were meant to eat them and use them, and this just shows how we can use the ENTIRE animal, which is exactly as it should be, doubtful that this is how it is done but it should be every part, little to no waste. The way it was meant to be.

  193. Honestly, as a vegetarian-who-is-almost-vegan, I have to say that I’m happy that so much of the cow is being used when it’s killed. I support not wasting things.

  194. Animals consume other animals, humans included. That’s part of life. even plant-eating animals rely very heavily on the processes of other animals. Symbiosis is natural, and necessary. The only reason the domesticated animals are alive today is because of humans. I see that as a form of symbiosis. Plus, how do all the synthetic substitutes vegans consume affect the environment?

  195. It’s good to know were using the whole animal, and not wasting any. The Native Americans would be proud.

  196. All life-and that includes animals destined for consumption-should be treated with respect and compassion-e.g., prior to and during the slaughter process, in the case of food anumals and poultry. THAT’s the real issue…not whether someone chooses to be a vegan, omnivore, carnivore, whatever. Oh-and can anyone post anything on any subject anymore without the use of the words “fuck”, “dick”, “asshole”, etc etc?
    Grow up, people.

  197. I am an organic vegetarian. That means that I do not eat meat, and animal products like dairy and eggs I buy organically from non-abused animals. I am against the abuse and slaughter of animals, because it is wrong and barbaric, unless you need them to survive. Which we don’t, unless you are stranded on an island and have absolutely nothing else to eat. All produce that I buy I either grown it myself or get it locally from the Farmer’s Market. And no, I do not use fertilizer, I like more natural food. And all of you people who are generalizing about vegetarians and vegans, stop it because we are not all the same, and many of us just don’t like the horrific way that animals are treated.

    Yes, animals do eat other animals. They don’t know any better, because they are not on the same brain level as we are. We were given intelligence to think, not to ruthlessly abuse, torture, and murder other animals. We have evolved into a species that doesn’t have to resort to killing animals to survive, so we shouldn’t. It is not the natural order of things anymore, and never should have been. To every vegetarian/vegan out there, good job for doing what’s right. To everyone else, please think about it; the animals really need you on their side. Remember– “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Gandhi

  198. being vegan is one of the dumbest things people can do and thats my take on it…but i don’t care if people are vegan because they have the right to do what they want to their body…but when people start shoving oppinions down throats, protesting, bombing animal research facilities, and starting threads like this…thats when it makes vegans and whatever opposition they have look stupid in the end…same with gays and transgenders…there are states that have given them the right to marry…but when they do their pride parades and protests…its like “um…thats nice?” cuz i don’t really care about your oppinion…you already got what you wanted…no need to get your shit out to the masses…and in a country like this…majority rules…gays are not a majority of the population…so therefore nobody really cares

  199. people that oppose gays and gay marriage make themselves look stupid too by opening their mouths with an “oppinion”…remember this…vegans are not a majority of this population either…so therefore…NOBODY FREAKING CARES!!!!!!!

  200. using something made from a cow and eating cow’s meat are two completely different things. The reason so many of these things are made from cows are because america slaughters BILLIONS of cows (chickens, pigs, and HORSES too) a year and no one is eating cow hair, cow bones…, cow hooves, cow manure, or drinking cows blood. because that’s fucking disgusting. but there is so much of that shit left over because we slaughter so many damn cows. So people are left using that stuff to design these products. All the cow waste left over is polluting our earth, thank god they are trying to clean that crap up by trying to recycle that shit.

  201. The factories that make all the bullshit synthetic products like shoes clothes ect pollutes the earth terribly. I would rather kill a billion cows a year which I’m guessing we are and perhaps more than not kill another cow again and let the factories destroy the earth quicker than we already are.

  202. beauties. thats too much work to not deal with animal based products. besides, meat just tastes so damn good

  203. wow very powerful, I had no clue about all of these products

  204. Actually, hooves and horns aren’t in pet food. It’s illegal to have hooves, horns, nails, or hair in it.

  205. This makes me want to sneak a triple whopper with lots of ketchup into a californian vegan bistro and let the juices flow BWHA HA HA {:>

  206. It’s not my place to judge someone else on their life choices, and I would never try to push my preferences on someone else. Why does it seem peta really does that a lot? The people that are members of the a.l.f., in my opinion, are domestic terrorists. However, a vast majority of vegetarians I have ever met are docile and kind people. I eat meat, I always will, and there is nothing anyone could do or say to change my mind. In today’s world organizations like peta can make some headway with certain demographics. in the 19th Century they would have been laughed out of the Wild West, and possibly even shot. All I am trying to say is live and let live. Although I must say, it really pisses me off when someone harms an animal and they get more jail time than someone who harms another person. Harming animals should earn you a really good ass kicking in public and a huge fine, minimum. Harming another human being should be a more serious crime. Our countries priorities are mixed up.

  207. Or, you know, you can stop being such a pussy and eat meat. Veganism is right out unnatural. You can’t argue against this. People who want to live a normal life aren’t vegans.

  208. Didn’t think this thread was long enough, so I decided to add my own thoughts. Why don’t you all just shut up? Nobody is ever going to agree with the other side. Live your life according to your beliefs and let me live my life according to mine. If I want to be vegetarian that doesn’t harm you. If I want to be a meat eater that doesn’t harm you. So back the hell off. This is getting way too intense. PS There are several products up there which are no longer made with animal parts. Synthetic ones have taken over. It’s dated. Although good point. But again the other side has good points too.

    Oh, and I am pescatarian. (for health reasons only..not animal rights reasons)

  209. i’m ‘vegan’ for MY health, not the animals’. therefore, if it doesn’t affect MY health, then it is not a concern of mine. put another way, my definition (and that of many others i know) is keeping animal products out of the digestive tract. period. paragraph.

  210. Rib Eye. Medium Rare. Follow up with a glass of good scotch and a hand-rolled maduro. I’m not going to live forever, or even long enough to convince everyone (anyone?) that I have the right answers.

    Those of you who think you’re going to live long enough to fix everyone and everything are fun to watch for a while. Then it just gets silly.

  211. cow waste from large farms pollutes the earth more than all of the car exhaust in the world

  212. @pleasure perry:
    how does standing up for what you believe make you stupid?

    and no, of course gays haven’t gotten what they want!!! they want equality, not just for a few people, but for everyone. and there are millions of people that care. thats not nobody. and why did you put opinion in parentheses? and why do you think people care about your opinion if you’re calling people stupid for actually trying to do something with their lives and promote civil rights?

  213. there are vegetarian religions that prohibited killing animals that have existed for thousands of years, and this was before all of these processed products came out. and 2 thousand years ago, if these people hadn’t eaten eggs or milk for a day, then they would have been vegan that day. if ancient people could do it, we can do it. plus, there are so many vegan stores today that you can pretty much buy a vegan alternative to every product on that list. so, veganism is definitely possible. that statement is bullshit.
    and if someone is not all vegan, but they’re trying, why would you make them feel bad? at least they’re doing something for innocent animals, rather than mindlessly doing what everyone else is just because they grew up that way. whats the point in saying that its bullshit? is it because you are trying to convince yourself that it is so that you don’t feel bad about not being vegan yourself? how many animals have you killed in your life? too many to count. and why were those lives lost–so you could have a certain taste and raise your cholesterol? or was it because you didn’t care that you killed them? you took them away from their families and lives, and don’t even care one bit. “One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is just a statistic.”

  214. I agree that vegans can’t totally exclude animal made products from their lives. But they at least reduce their use of them? And VEGETARIANS are totally diffrent, they just don’t eat red meat , like me. I think it’s cruel but I’ve never like red meat. I think it’s gross. So don’t just press people’s decisions against them.

  215. So you’re offended by this comic; so what?
    Your feelings are not more important than orhers’ right to freedom of speech. You have not been physically threatened or harmed, and your way of life and rights have been neither infringed upon nor damaged.
    Let’s be honest here: this is a comic. it was meant to make a point- a point that is just as valid as any statement you might make-if you are too offended by someone stating their opinion in a comic or on a comic site, maybe you shouldn’t be here, and maybe you shouldn’t sharing your own opinions so freely.
    I just think we should take some personal responsibility here.

  216. All meateaters are a throwback from the dark ages.
    With all the plentifull fruit and grains around now there is no excuse to kill animals and eat them . Hinduism is over 5000 years old and vegetarian and ahisma are an essential part of the lifestyle.
    Just kill off all the wildlife to grow cows,
    and kill off all the humans and replace them with concrete slabs then the rednecks will be happy.
    Hey why waste all these dead humans anyway you may as well start selling human parts in the supermart, a nice thigh-steak for your childrens dinner.
    It is time to make the killing of animals and the possession of meat illegal.
    Have long jail sentences for meat possession in Vegan Jails… Ha Ha
    What causes war but the agro-vibes of all the redneck meat-eaters.

  217. First of all, it’s a joke poster. Why I’m still surprised to find a blowout debate over a funny picture on the Internet, I don’t know.

    Second of all, I find it both hilarious and infuriating that vegans and vegetarians consider eating meat “cruel”. (I used to have a babysitter who was vegetarian for health reasons, but she would always joke around and say “meat is murder” and stuff. It was funny) The cows are not bred to be pets, they’re not supposed to be our friends, they’re meant to be our food. While I’m all for better conditions for cattle, and cutting out growth hormones and stuff like that, there is a simple fact that vegans cannot seem to understand- we are meant to eat meat. And yes, looking at that objectively I realize that it sounds pretentious (and oh, the arguments that could be had with “well, what if something said we were meant to be consumed?”), but cows and chickens and turkeys are bred soley for the purpose of eating. Plain and simple. Not going into the environmental repercussions of veganism (of which there are many), but honestly- who the hell wants a billion fucking farm animals as pets?

  218. It’s good to see someone else who thinks like I do. With so much ignorance in the world these days it’s nice to know there’s someone out there who isn’t an idiot.

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