Coffee Table Crafted As Playable NES Controller


This has got to be the sweetest coffee table I’ve ever seen. I grew up playing the NES and still pull it out from the attic every so often. If I had this in my living room I’d have it hooked up permanently and I would probably succumb to lethargy from all the hours I would put in on it. Thanks to CyberGern and his very crafty friend, we can all look on in jealously. He says:

The really cool thing about this coffee table is that it is completely playable, all the buttons are entirely functional and it can be connected to a normal NES console and played like a normal controller.

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2 thoughts on “Coffee Table Crafted As Playable NES Controller

  1. Coolest piece of furniture I hav ever seen. Wow.

  2. I´m glad you like it :)
    and thanks for spreading my pictures

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