McDonald’s Holiday Pie


How did this one get by me? I have never seen, nor heard of this elusive McDonald’s Holiday Pie. I must admit that I am huge fan of their apple pies and if you give me 2 of those with a chocolate sundae from the D, I’ll be in Heaven for the rest of the day. How is it then that these “limited time only” culinary delights have managed to escape my radar?

Apparently they are an eggy custard filled pastry with multi-colored Jimmies (or sprinkles) on top. The pastry I would assume is the same as their other pies.

It looks like it’s up to the descretion of each individual McDonald’s location as to whether or not they opt to sell these little sweet cakes of wonder. I’ll have to drive around and see if any of my local mangers have a heart bigger than the Grinch. They seem to either be selling 2 for $1 in some locations and upwards of $1 at others. McD’s needs to get their shizz straight on these things. They really should roll out a national campaign every year during the Holidays with them. Not sure why they haven’t.

Has anyone tried these? How are they? Are they worth searching them out? Either way, I think I’m going to venture off and see if I can gather a few of these munchie fulfilling Holiday goodies to treat my hangover and my belly.

4 thoughts on “McDonald’s Holiday Pie

  1. Personally – I think they look pretty disgusting. (Not to mention looking very fried,and not baked as the name suggests). Maybe they are just “re-heated” in the vat of grease?

    McDonalds often markets new products randomly in various areas (McPizza, McFried Chicken, and the like).

    I never saw any McFried Holiday Pies here, but then… I don’t frequent McDonalds or other fast food restaurants that frequently these days. (Older body, less tolerance for all of the bad things we tend to pump into ourselves… etc.)

    Other than that — WHAT is with the colored sprinkles of confetti? Is that so they can sell them into January “Happy New Year” ?

  2. They’re the best Mcdonalds menu item they have, limited or not. When November/December rolls around, I check at least once a week to see if they’re in stock. And I seem to not be the only fan, since last year they ran out 100% in about 1-2 weeks, whereas other limited pies like pumpkin stay around for at least a month or two.

  3. I love the Holiday Pie. After several years of not serving the Holiday Pie, the McDonald’s in Northeast Tennessee brought them back last year. By popular demand, they are returning in 2011. Like Alex said, they are the best.

  4. These are pretty damn good. People who say nasty things about them have most likely never had them, and are probably people who just like to say nasty things about EVERYthing online.

    The custard is sort of vanilla-ish, and the crust is like a christmas cookie with icing and sprinkles. Great combination.

    I’ve been to at least 10 locations near me, and only one has them. Every other location still has the pumpkin pies, which they had for a full month before Halloween.

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